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m4dz 🥑🦄 for ‹div›RIOTS

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Welcome Home, Web Components fans ️

👀 Howdy, Web Components afficionados!

Welcome to this new space entirely dedicated to the Web Components Community. We want to offer to all of you that are involved, interested, or curious about WC, a place where your can share, learn, discuss about them.

We're convinced that the Web Components are a corner stone of the Future of Web interfaces. This community needs everyone of you!

Here, you will have access to resources shared by users and editors of Web Components tools and solutions; discussions about they framweworks and the technologies involved; feedback and use-cases; and much more. This place is yours, fell free to share and contribute!

Here's the first things you may want to start with:

  1. 👋 Introduce yourself in this thread and let us know where you’re from and what you’re working on;
  2. 📢 Share your experiences with particular stacks or frameworks, and your projects;
  3. 💬 Create discussions and ask questions about WC, frameworks and standard features, and learn from others;
  4. 🏷 Follow tags dedicated to your favorite topics;
  5. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ And, of course, connect with others

We expect everyone in the community to treat each other kindly and respectfully, and to abide by our code of conduct to participate.

Welcome to this new adventure!

Latest comments (29)

martinowen836 profile image
Martin Owen

Hello Everyone, this side Martin. I am very glad that I have joined this forum, I want to discuss the web components here.

ikudev profile image

Hello, I’m a big fan of web components and Stencil.

eisenbergeffect profile image
Rob Eisenberg

Hey everyone! It's very exciting to see this community forming and I'm excited to be here with you all.

I'm currently the lead architect of Microsoft's web components tech stack: FAST. If you aren't familiar with FAST, you can check it out at fast.design/ What's unique about FAST is that we not only provide tech for building web components, but we focus specially on design systems. In fact, FAST is the foundation for Microsoft's Fluent UI Web Components, which have shipped to over a billion customers.

We're working hard on our next set of major releases for FAST, which will include new tools for creating design systems, huge performance updates, SSR for web components, and much more. We look forward to sharing more with you all through blog content here on webcomponents.dev. And we hope we can share some of our experiences and learned lessons with you so that we can all grow better at our craft and help advance the open web together.


m4dz profile image
m4dz 🥑🦄 Author

Howdy Rob! We’re so happy to welcome the FAST team here 🎉

geauxweisbeck4 profile image
Andrew Weisbeck

Hey y'all - the name is Andrew and I am a freelance full-stack developer in Raleigh, NC. I love developing with the Jamstack and my favorite framework is Svelte. I look forward to learning more with y'all.

andrea_colanicchia profile image
Andrea Colanicchia

Hello everyone,
I found this community just as I was starting to delve into the topic of Webcomponents, so this was perfect!

I'm a web developer with 20+ years of experience and I'm currently trying to convert a UI library of React components to Webcomponents in order to have scoped styles and share components with other frameworks.

Please feel free to suggest any resources or suggestions you have found useful.

Thank you,

kithminiii profile image

Hello techies.
I'm Bhagya Indimagedara an undergraduate student.And um happy to join this community. 🤩

knighttechwork profile image

Hello, everybody! 👋 It is so nice to have a community of this type, and I'm happy to be here with all of you. I look forward to discussing web components and learning from everyone. I'm originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, but I now live in Houma, Louisiana. It's not far from New Orleans (Laissez les bons temps rouler!). 🎉 I'm currently working on web development and learning about Rust.

piusrichter profile image
Pius Richter

Hi everyone,
thanks for the invitation to this community.
I'm very curious about what's going on here.

j0ne profile image
Jouni Männistö

Hello everyone! Happy to join this community. 🤩

I've been using web components (custom elements) since 2018 and I'm big fan of them. "Use the platform!" 😉

sevignator profile image
Mikaël Sévigny

Hello! My name's Mik and I've been tinkering with web components and the Lit library for some time now. I think that WCs have a very bright future in web development and I'm happy to join this community and see it grow :)

clearlythuydoan profile image
Thuy Doan • Edited on

Hey y'all 🙋🏻‍♀️

I'm a Community Engineer at Mux who spends probably 40% of my time - or at least ideally - on open-source stuff. That OSS stuff is chock full of web components so naturally, I gotta be here. Excited to share about web components to build video-related things, learn, and connect!

kjantzer profile image
Kevin Jantzer


Been working with WC the last two years and can't imagine going back! So slick

triptych profile image
Andrew Wooldridge

I've been reading a lot about WebComponents lately and when I learned about this community I jumped at the chance to join! I'm a long time web developer who keeps learning about something new on the web every day, and web components seems like it's starting to hit its stride now that all browsers support it! Look forward to sharing and learning here.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Hello ! 😄

johnthad profile image
Thad Humphries

I recently completed a full rewrite of my main product--a document management client--using Lit-based custom elements throughout the front end--database forms, hit lists, image and folder viewers, workflow, etc. (The backend is a Java web app with a REST UI which accesses the document management server via a Sun RPC-like layer.) I was then able to reuse many of my components for two simpler utilities.