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Discussion on: Welcome Home, Web Components fans ️

eisenbergeffect profile image
Rob Eisenberg

Hey everyone! It's very exciting to see this community forming and I'm excited to be here with you all.

I'm currently the lead architect of Microsoft's web components tech stack: FAST. If you aren't familiar with FAST, you can check it out at fast.design/ What's unique about FAST is that we not only provide tech for building web components, but we focus specially on design systems. In fact, FAST is the foundation for Microsoft's Fluent UI Web Components, which have shipped to over a billion customers.

We're working hard on our next set of major releases for FAST, which will include new tools for creating design systems, huge performance updates, SSR for web components, and much more. We look forward to sharing more with you all through blog content here on webcomponents.dev. And we hope we can share some of our experiences and learned lessons with you so that we can all grow better at our craft and help advance the open web together.


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m4dz πŸ₯‘πŸ¦„ Author

Howdy Rob! We’re so happy to welcome the FAST team here πŸŽ‰