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how to trucking Toll Courie

Toll tracking
Australia has many things that make it a nation that everyone should know one day. Its nature, culture, and diversity of markets have allowed it to develop in such a way that many companies wish to operate in the country continuously and safely.
For all those businessmen and entrepreneurs, both local and foreign, there are several logistics service companies that help them to fulfill their operations throughout the national territory.
However, Toll, a logistics and parcel services company that originated more than 100 years ago in Newcastle, is the all-around leader in logistics and transport services and products in Australia.

What is Toll Group?
Toll Group is Australia's largest transport and logistics services company. With over 100 years of history, and operations across air, sea, road, and even rail, Toll Group is without doubt the leading national transport and logistics services company.
Toll parcel delivery is divided into three areas: Global Logistics, Global Forwarding, and Global Express. It is important to note that a few years ago, the Board of Directors of Toll accepted a proposal from Japan Post in which they would take all the shares of the company. All this is for Toll to lead Japan Post's global operations.
For Toll, this was extremely important and they reacted positively, so in 2015 the company formally became a division of Japan Post. However, Toll continues to operate under that name and is headquartered in Melbourne, only now, it is expanding around the world with the help of Japan Post.

How do I track a Toll package?
Like most logistics and shipping companies around the world, this one also has a Toll tracking service. Toll online tracking is a tool that allows customers to know the location or status of their packages in real-time. The service is available 24/7.
In order to perform the tracking, it is necessary to have the Toll tracking reference number of the package to be tracked. This is usually on the receipt given to the customer or in the information sent to the customer's email.
From Toll official website, customers must locate the Tracking section. Then a search field will appear where they must enter the Toll tracking reference number and press the tracking button. Detailed information about the package, including its location or status, will be displayed shortly.
In Toll tracking you can know the location of up to 30 shipments at the same time, separating each Toll tracking reference number with a comma. On the other hand, Toll priority tracking allows you to sort your search in order of priority and view the result as you see fit.

How long does Toll delivery take?
Toll parcel delivery has several options:

There are parcels that can be delivered to Australia the day after drop off
For other islands or to New Zealand, it could take 2-3 days.
As for Toll international shipping, it has three different delivery services:

Economy: The Economy package can deliver the package within 2-6 days
Fast: the Fast service can do it in 1-2 days, depending on the destination
Standard: the Standard delivery service, which is one of the lowest costs and goes through the main routes, can take between 8-10 days, so it could be the best option for most customers
Regardless of the service chosen, you can always use Toll priority tracking to know where your package is.

How long does Toll priority take to deliver?
Toll also has a priority delivery service, which is perfect for customers who need to have an urgent parcel delivered the next day within Australia.
When it comes to delivering a parcel under the Priority Take to Deliver Service, Toll takes care of everything perfectly and has a number of different options available to its customers:

Toll parcel delivery after hours, including weekends and public holidays.
High-risk and highly controlled freight.
P2P deliveries.
Rare, dangerous, or biological goods.
Temperature-controlled items (Australia only).
Medical supplies.
Returns/reverse logic.
All this and more is what Toll offers in its priority delivery service. At the same time, all priority order packages can be tracked with Toll priority tracking from anywhere.

What happens if I miss my Toll delivery?
Although it happens on very rare occasions, it is possible for a package to get lost during its delivery handling. Even if a customer feels that their order is already taking longer than it should, they can make Toll delivery contact to find out what has happened to their package.
In the event that a package has been lost and the customer is unaware of it, Toll delivery contact can also contact the customer to announce the situation. On Toll official website there is a special section for this, where a series of instructions are given so that the customer can find their package as quickly as possible.
However, it is necessary for the customer to complete all the steps described on the site so the package recovery process can be completed successfully and the customer can have their package back.

Does Toll Group deliver internationally?
After many years in operation and the partnership with Japan Post, Toll Group is able to deliver to over 30 countries, from countries in Oceania to countries in America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Most of these countries are located in central areas, where hundreds of logistics companies converge.
In addition, the Toll tracking tool is always and everywhere available. So you can be sure to track your package whenever you want and be confident that it will arrive on time.

Does Toll deliver on Saturdays?
Toll does not generally deliver on Saturdays or weekends unless it is a priority delivery service, on pharmaceuticals or other materials that people may urgently request.

How do I contact Toll delivery?
For any type of management, query, complaint, or suggestion you can use the Toll delivery contact service, available on the company's official website. From there, you can select the area about which you want to make the query, and Toll will give you an accurate answer.

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