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Web3 Fellowship with Ayagigs

When I started this fellowship last year with Aya (Techstars '23), I knew little or nothing about Web 3, All I knew is that Web 3 was the new technology of the world wide web. Blockchain development as the new form of technology taking over the older
The journey so far has given me the following lessons and knowledge.
路 Web 3.0 is a decentralized technology of web development. Our wonderful Instructor took his time to explain what Ethereum is about.
路 Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that establishes a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies smart contracts.
路 I got to understand some of the Blockchain providers like Alchemy.
路 The journey so far has allowed me to write, test, compile and deploy smart contracts.
路 Solidity is a programming language for implementing smart contracts.
路 Metamask is a popular blockchain wallet that helps one to connect to the decentralized web.
路 Building a cloned app of Metamask and integrating Web 3 with React is the most recent knowledge I acquired. That was a challenging task for me.
路 Having a proper understanding of React as it is the major language to be used by a front-end engineer in building the user interface of blockchain technology or application.
路 The quality assurance classes have given me insight into what Test plans, Test Strategies, Test Case development, documentation, and API (Application Programming Interface) testing are using Postman
路 The design thinking Class opened my mind to all the design phases. I have the great urge as a front-end engineer to develop a website application and a mobile application to curb the prevalent fuel crisis in Nigeria. This mobile application and website application and mobile application will be developed for petroleum product marketers. This will enable the marketer/retailer to have equal and easy access to oil wells and distribution channels. The application will notify outlets with fuels and retailers get a small amount of coin/ token on the successful purchase of fuel. The retailers will be notified from oil wells. Oil wells workers will also monitor the even distribution of fuels to various retailers.

Block Chain development is a technology that will be sustained for a long period since the world is gradually tending towards phasing out the use of cash making the economy a cashless economy. However, cyber security should be highly upgraded to avoid cybercrimes.

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