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Block Protocol and Web Components?

Block Protocol is a new way to build reusable, data driven block of web content. It seems like web components would be a natural fit for this protocol as you can author in any language that renders to HTML.

There's a structure to each block that allows it to be embedded, combined, and shared in a way that lets you use it beyond a single web page. The idea is very intriguing, and I bet many blocks will be created using web components - if it's compatible with the protocol.

The spec calls out web components as one way to implement.

If you want to try things out - go make your first block. Or if you want to explore embedding a block - visit the docs. You can find blocks in the block "hub".

This seems very interesting to me, but I'm not sure how much traction this has yet. It seems very early to tell, but if you give it a try please let me know in the comments!

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There is something amusing about an implementation that takes 9 files and a react dependency for a <hr>


(Obviously that's not a fair assessment, just funny)

I can believe the concept of a "Schema for chunks of HTML " could make sense, but none of the example blocks really seem to demonstrate the benefits.

It feels like half a joke - hard to evaluate the setup without the punchline. Bookmarking to check again in 6 months.

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Andrew Wooldridge

I agree - without some dirt simple demos / examples not sure how much adoption they'll get. But the idea is cool.

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Danny Engelman